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4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

We’ve only got one planet that we call home, so it’s important that we raise the next generation of leaders to be mindful of the environment and stewards of their community. In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve compiled a list of ways to celebrate and keep environmental awareness at the top of your mind. Keep reading to discover some fun and easy ways you can become more green!

Reduce your Use of Disposable Plastics

Plastic is one of the most harmful materials for the environment. While it is difficult to eliminate all sources of plastic, there are some simple ways to reduce the amount of disposable plastics you consume. Start by switching your single-use water bottles to reusable ones. Not only are you doing your part to protect the planet but you’ll realize some cost savings as well! There are some really great reusable water bottle options out there that can keep your drinks cool for hours which also make them a great option for summertime adventures! Also consider stashing some reusable grocery bags in your car to make sure you always have some on hand. Even though these changes may seem small, the benefits truly add up the more people join in.

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