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Book Club: Women’s Month

Each March marks the beginning of Women’s Month – a time dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the achievements of women throughout the centuries. This month we decided to compile a list of books according to age that you can read with your kids to explore this topic. Join us for our reading challenge to read at least one of these books this month!

Ages 2-5: Ambitious Girl 

Ambitious Girl, Meena Harris’ latest book and a New York Times bestseller, follows the story of a young girl and her journey of discovery after seeing a woman on TV labeled as “too assertive” and “too ambitious”. This book is a great, inspirational read to get your children thinking about gender stereotypes in an approachable and age-friendly format. 

Interested in picking up a copy of Ambitious Girl? Check it out here!

Ages 6-8: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 

This book is truly amazing! Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls highlights 100 goodnight stories about the inspirational lives of women around the world. What’s even better is that it features over 60 illustrations from female artists. If your kids enjoy this book, you’re in luck because there are multiple volumes with hundreds more stories! 

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is available here.

Ages 9-11: Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History 

Vashti Harrison’s book features 18 stories of trailblazing black women in American history. Harrison is especially talented as she both authored and illustrated this book!  This book is a great way to start the conversation and highlight the important contribution that women of color have made to our country. 

Ready to start reading? Order your copy of Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History here!

Ages 12+: Because I Was a Girl: True Stories for Girls of All Ages 

The pre-teen category for books can be difficult as every child progresses differently and has evolving tastes in reading. That being said, Because I was a Girl: True Stories for Girls of All Ages, is an exceptional read that pre-teen girls will love! What’s great about this format is that it features many stories so there are sure to be some that resonate and have a lasting impact. 


Pick up your copy by clicking here

We hope you enjoyed our picks for this month’s book club in honor of Women’s Month. Have you read one of the books on our list or are planning to pick some up to read with your kids? Let us know by tagging us on social media @spreadthejoy. We love being able to interact with you and see your response to our challenges on social media. Happy reading! 

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