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No, our volunteers are limited to these pick-up times.

The pick-up schedule is updated on the website: www.spreadthejoy.org

The size of a small Home Depot moving box (16.5" x 11.5" x 2.25") along with 16 flat pizza boxes (28 "x 30" x 3") and 1 shipping box (37" x 24 x 1.5")

SUV: The most that can fit is 96. Car: The most that can fit is 48.

Generally, 96 for any one pick-up.

You will receive a confirmation email when the sign-up closes. Generally, allow up to two weeks to receive your confirmation.

Yes, pick your sign-up date from the drop-down menu.

If you would like to pick up more than 96 boxes, reach out to vanisha@spreadthejoy.org

Yes, the pick-ups are limited to Martinsville New Jersey. We currently do not offer an out of state program.

All over the country! You will be sent shipping labels to leave the boxes outside for UPS or USPS to pick up.

Our Joy Boxes include a lot of fun items which can keep the little one (of all ages) occupied for hours.  We have crayons, dominoes, playing cards, bubbles and a whole lot more!

As of June 2022, we are now in approximately 240 hospitals & counting in the United States & Canada.

All of our items are LATEX FREE.

All of our items are brand spanking NEW (and that is never going to change)

All the contents have been curated together with the expertise advice from Child Life Services at several hospitals, the main one being Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOPS)

All our Joy Boxes are delivered directly to the hospitals ensuring that it is completely contactless

All our Joy Boxes are sent at NO COST to the hospital.  Knowing that these boxes can bring joy and smiles to all many beautiful individuals is all we need here at Spread the Joy!

You can order as many Joy Boxes as you like and as many times as you want.  All we ask that these boxes be given to children whom can benefit from the love we put into each and every box here at Spread the Joy

All our information can be found on our website. Please feel free to look around and if you have any further questions, you can reach out to monica@spreadthjoy.org.


Looking to donate? We greatly appreciate both monetary and in-kind donations. Be part of the solution and give back today!

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