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Highlights of 2018!

The year 2018 saw some beautiful Joy Boxes, but which were kids favorites? Let’s take a look and decide!

The Spread the Joy Foundation’s first year in action was filled with creativity and surprises! Each month honored a different holiday, mood, tradition and box style! The feedback from child life services was positive; the feedback from doctors was touching…but most importantly, the feedback from kids was just un-real. One child even said : “you made my life!” For real? Our small act of kindness “made your life!” No my little friend, you got it all backwards. By allowing us the opportunity to be of service, you make our life. ūüôā

One child even said : “you made my life!”

Boxes ranged from “custom made by campers,” to filled with love by “brownies!” Let’s take a look at the year’s favorites and decide which was your “piece de resistance!”

But which was your favorite box?

Let’s start with the Foundation’s very first box, sent straight from the North pole! The Foundation was awarded status as one of Santa’s Special Elves for the holiday season! In fact, we received the North Pole seal of approval and delivered Joy Boxes- straight from Santa-¬†to pediatric hospital rooms. Boxes contained a Certificate of Good Standing from Santa, books, arts and crafts supplies and many other goodies!

Joy Boxes also contained something very special this season- a secret Joy Mission card from Santa. Children were given the special task of spreading holiday cheer in the hospital by writing thank you cards for the Chefs who prepare their meals and making paintings for the folks in environmental who keep their rooms tidy. 

It truly was a wonderful little treat and surprise for all!

January Embraced Uniqueness!

Did you know that no two snowflakes are alike? Embracing our uniqueness was¬†the theme of the January¬†Joy Boxes! The featured book was the beloved classic by Ezra Jack Keats- The Snowy Day. The boxes contained materials for¬†children in pediatric¬†¬†hospital rooms to re-create their very own Snowy Day…¬†Although it was cold¬†outside, the Spread the Joy Foundation aimed at kicking off the New Year by warming hearts.

Did Someone see Dr. Seuss?

The months of February, March and April were full of surprises! While February focused on love though Origami, March honored Dr. Seuss with activities aimed at¬†enhancing creativity and setting imaginations free! The Cat in the Hat delivered the boxes¬†himself, ¬†filled with painting supplies, sticker activities and a book for young authors to write and illustrate¬†themselves. The Cat in the Hat also so¬†elequontly¬†asked patients:¬†“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

For April, the Foundation opted for the delivery of Gift Baskets instead of Joy Boxes. It has since then becomes a new tradition for April. The Bunny himself makes rounds in his pick-up truck delivering baskets from hospital to hospital! My oh my! What fun!

Other highlights included custom made boxes by campers as well as the girls scouts. But our entire team agreed that our favorite box of the year was one hand painted box by a 14 year old Eagles Landing camper. We loved it because of what it said: “The most beautiful pictures have both darks and lights.” Ain’t that the truth?

Looking forward to another year filled with beautiful new creations- and bringing some light to families darker days. Little ones, you keep fighting the good fight! You got this! Keep it up!

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