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May Book Club: Kid’s Mental Health

Established in 1949, Mental Health Month seeks to raise awareness on the trauma and impact of mental health on children, families and communities. Starting the conversation with your kids on mental health is an important step in maintaining a healthy dialogue where they feel comfortable to discuss their feelings and emotions with you. But sometimes it can be hard to know what to say. Education plays an important role in reducing mental health stigma, so we’ve compiled a list of books for children across age groups that can serve as a conversation starter on the topic. Keep reading to learn more! 

Ages 2-5: Don’t Feed the Worry Bug

Wince, the biggest worrier, worries about cookies, homework and even the weather. When he starts to worry, a “worry bug” appears. At first it’s harmless, but the more he worries, the more the bug grows. This book teaches kids about anxiety, worrying and how to manage these emotions in an age-friendly format.
Get your copy of Don’t Feed the Worry Bug here

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