Spread the JOY

One More Day to Spread the Joy!

It was a night to remember…You are courage You are kind You are stronger than you seem You are hope You are love And you’ll find your way through Oh, my darling you The things you will do Incredible You

Oh, what an incredible night it was! Our first annual Spread the Joy Gala was nothing short of a success. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, vendors, donors, volunteers, and Joy Spreaders alike we left the night filled with gratitude and above all, JOY!

We heard touching accounts from our founders of how the organization came to life and about everything that propels it forward. We had a 10 for 10 challenge; 10 minutes to raise $10,000 and we were blown away. Over the course of 10 minutes, we raised a whopping $50,000! (Yes, you read it right – YOU did that!!!)

We received over 300 submissions for our Design-A Box Contest and we were overwhelmed with gratitude and also filled with heartache over having to choose just one! A winner was chosen and we are so happy about that, but the truth is that every design we received brought us so much joy that you are all winners in our books! Check out some of the other submissions @spreadthejoyfoundation on Facebook or Instagram.

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