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Summer, Socializing, and Safety.

It has been months since life has felt “normal”, since any of us have stepped out of the house for anything besides the essentials. We’ve been living life in our own homes and getting creative to keep busy, have fun, and stay connected with the people we love. 


Schools are finally closed and summer is here! This might not be the summer you imagined. Life, particularly in this moment, is composed of unknowns and uncertainties, and we are all having to take things day by day. Still, after months of staying at home, there are safe ways for you and your family to get out of the house, to spend time with each other, and to take advantage of sunny days and free time. Depending on your level of comfort, this will look different for every family, so be patient and understanding of others and how they navigate through these times as well.


The best way to enjoy this summer is to spend time outside. Covid-19 transmission reduces greatly when social activities are outdoors while people are wearing masks and standing at least six feet apart. There’s an increased sense of the importance of collective social responsibility––we are all in this together!

Here are some ideas to enjoy the weather :

Go on a bike ride! Find a new trail to explore.

  1. Pack a picnic basket and find a warm spot on the grass to enjoy food, laughter, and stories.

  2. Drive up to hiking trails you haven’t seen before and spend the day wandering through nature.

  3. Have socially-distanced dinner dates with friends in the backyard.

  4. Find a drive-in movie theatre!

  5. Pull out a few blankets and star-gaze.

  6. Have play-dates outside, where kids have enough run through a sprinkler or kick a ball to each other. They can work off their energy, and see their friends in a non-contact way!

  7. Visit a friend (outside their house, of course) just because! You might have to speak louder than usual to hear each other, but at least you are together.

Times are strange. Let’s be creative, let’s make more of an effort than usual to make space in our days for connection and fun while staying aware and safe and, of course, spreading the joy! .

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