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Tips for Halloween

Trick or Treat! A 2020 Covid-style Halloween is definitely going to require some creativity and some help from our respective villages! For parents, this year has been such a whirlwind experience and we have already made so many adjustments to date. Our children have had to accept many new norms, most of which have not been easy. So let’s be honest, the reality is that many kids will be disappointed with the new trick or treating arrangements this year. We thought a lot about this, and have compiled some fun tips to celebrate Halloween in a Covid-style way, that may help with some of the groans and moans (no pun intended…ok, maybe just a little!) 😉

1) Make your own costumes:

Do you remember when you had to rummage through your house to gather art supplies? Garbage bags, cardboard boxes and leftover newspapers were always in abundance! Before Pinterest and Instagram, we relied on our imaginations to create! It doesn’t matter how beautiful (or not!) the final product is; it is all about the process. It’s about tapping into your creativity and building confidence in your little ones. Let your imaginations run free together and have some old school fun! Make costumes, masks, capes, dresses with random supplies in your home! You’d be surprised at how little you will need!

2) Walk the Runway!

Once you’ve created the perfect costumes, show them off! Set up a video call with friends and family and have an online Halloween parade! Let your kids model their costumes for everyone to see and cheer them on! Let them have a moment to shine and tell everyone how they made their creations!

3) Treats

Is it even really Halloween without a few treats?! We thought we could make things a little extra special and get a little creative with our treats this year. Here are some fun and simple recipes for you to try out!





4) A Special STJ Haunted Mansion!

We saved the best for last! STJ has a very special announcement for those in the Central New Jersey area! We have a goal to make and deliver 1000 Joy Boxes to hospitals just in time for Thanksgiving! But, we need your help! Come and visit us at our EPIC haunted mansion on Halloween! We promise it will be scary AND you’ll have the chance to pick up supplies to pack Joy Boxes at your own homes (contactless of course)! A fun Halloween excursion and a great way to give back! Or, as we call it, #spreadthetreats! Watch the video below for more info!

Step 1:

Sign up for the number of boxes you can pack from the comfort of your home.

Step 2:

Pick up your materials at our Central New Jersey Haunted Mansion drive-thru on Halloween (We’ll even have a treat for your kids!)

Step 3:

Pack your boxes

Step 4:

Ship them out (shipping labels will be sent to you)


Learn more at spreadthejoy.org and #SpreadTheTreats with us!

Let us know in the comments below if you liked our tips and tag us on IG @spreadthejoyfoundation with your final costume designs! We will send out a little something special to the person with the most creative costume!

Happy Fall & Happy Halloween!

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