Spread the JOY

Eagles Landing Day Camp Customizes Joy Boxes!

This month, Spread The Joy Foundation’s Boxes looked a little bit different than the previous ones… can you guess why? Because each box was custom crafted by campers at Eagles Landing!

For the Month of August, Open the Joy teamed up with Eagles Landing Day Camp of East Brunswick, NJ.  The kids were given the task of decorating the box covers, with special medals for the: 1. The Silliest Box: Bound to make kids laugh! 2. The Most Delightful Box: Artistically Amazing!
 3. The Most “Out of the Box” Box: Bursting with Creativity! With almost 60 completely different and unique boxes to choose from, boy was it difficult to decide! All boxes were beautifully designed. While some included a thoughtful message, others were so silly they were bound to make a child smile. Congratulations to all participants for their hard work and dedication. You’re all spreading JOY! 

And the winner is: “The most beautiful pictures have both darks and lights…”

In addition to hand painting and assembling boxes, Campers were also engaged in the friendly challenge of raising as many marker sets as possible! Markers are very important for the Foundation, as we place one packet of markers in each box. We often run out, so “marker-raising” efforts of the campers was invaluable!

A big thank you to Ruth-Ann and Barry, the camps founders for their incredible commitment to the community at large. We can always count on your guys!

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