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Mental Health Awareness

Oh Happy May!

Happy May dear readers! This month marks two things: One, it’s finally spring, which means that summer is just around the corner, and two, it is officially Mental Health Awareness Month. We wanted to take some time to pause and reflect on the idea that the world has now just come out of a global pandemic. A lot has changed around us, specifically, people are now more inclined than ever to be  attuned to their mental health. Mental health is all about how people THINK, FEEL and BEHAVE; it impacts our daily lives, our relationships and our physical health. It impacts our children and their ability to learn and grow, and feel understood. Meeting their social-emotional and mental needs is more important now than ever before.

So what can we do? Here are some simple ways we can slow down, be more mindful and start taking care of our mental health on a daily basis.

Physical Activity!

This doesn’t have to be hitting the gym 3 days a week or running at full speed for miles, although if that is what you choose, then GREAT!
Get outside, go for a walk with a friend, neighbor, or dog. Feeling the sun on your body and taking a few minutes out of a busy day will put you in a better mood, and help you approach the day with a healthier mindset.


Everyone has a few tasks in their day to day lives that are daunting and exhausting but must get done.
Write a list of all those things you must do in a given day, week or month, and highlight the ones that don’t bring you JOY. Take those tasks and see how they can be outsourced. If you can, hire a service (to help clean or organize), enlist a parent’s help, or pass the task off to your spouse or loved one!


This means a lot of different things to different people. You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars on face creams or massages to say you’re engaging in self-care.
A bubble bath and some candles can go such a long way! Or you can go out for coffee with a friend, or take some time to read a book! Anything that brings a little spark of JOY into your day counts as self-care.

Slow It Down

Moving through life in a rush, always multitasking, and going at full steam all day long may feel good in the short term. “Look how much I got done!” or “Look at how productive I was!”
While this might feel great in the moment, it can sometimes work against us if we try to maintain that pace for an extended period of time. It may in fact have a negative impact on our mood, and actually increase our stress levels.

Check in with yourself regularly, and if you notice that your mind is moving faster than your body, slow it down a notch! Take a few deep breaths, slow down your pace, turn on some music and focus on the task at hand. It will bring you back to the present moment, and as you slow down your mind will automatically follow.

Take A Sensory Break!

Your brain is a powerful machine but like all machines, it needs a break. If you’re constantly thinking and over thinking you will eventually burn out.
It’s like leaving the engine of your car on all night; by morning you’d be out of gas, and the car will not be taking you anywhere! Make sure you “turn your brain off” from time to time. Take breaks from your phone, emails, responsibilities, etc… Tell your kids that you need a few quiet minutes, allow yourself the grace to answer that email a little later, don’t be scared to turn your phone to Do Not Disturb. Turn yourself off, and allow the calm to flow in!
Last but certainly not least, if you feel like it’s all still too much and you are having a hard time coping, please reach out to your health care provider and get the help they are trained to offer. Your mental health is so important so let’s work together this month to create a safe and supportive environment for us all to thrive.
Hope these tools help! Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well. We’ll be talking about these tools and more all month long!

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