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Empathy Toolkit



Open the Joy’s Empathy Toolkit helps children recognize different emotions in themselves and others, and provides guidance on how to offer friendship and support. 

Empathy is arguably the most important life skill in building emotional intelligence in kids. These early lessons in compassion will be etched into your child’s heart forever.

  • PRACTICE EMPATHY BY: 1. Identifying emotions 2. Reading facial cues 3. Actively listening & 4. Voicing concern.
  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY: Each step is paired with an age-appropriate worksheet or activity that makes lessons in empathy fun, relatable, and memorable.
  • DIFFICULT CONCEPT – SIMPLE ACTIVITY: Transforms emotional recognition into 6 simple clay characters.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Teaches compassion and builds emotional vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.
  • LIFELONG SKILLS: Teaches children to identify emotions, listen, and empathize.

KIT INCLUDES: 3 Tubs of Air Dry Putty (20gms/3 Colors), 48 Piece Facial Expressions Mix & Match Paper Puzzle, 4 Emotion Recognition Worksheets, 2 Clay Instruction Sheets, 1 Guide for Grownups.


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