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Summer’s Here! Five Tips for Decluttering with Kids

In need of some freshness for your space before the kids are home for the summer? What better way to kick off a new season than to start off with a fresh and clean space. The tough part can be involving your kids in a way that is fun, engaging and effective. Keep reading to discover our top five tips on how to kickstart your decluttering with your kids. 

Leave Space

Embrace the free space! Not every nook and cranny needs to be filled. By maintaining space in your drawers and cupboards, you are able to have a good overview of the things you already have, reducing the chance you accidentally purchase doubles (it happens to the best of us). If your family is currently having trouble viewing items, aim to reduce the number of things taking up space. You will be surprised at the amount of forgotten treasures you will find. This mindset will be especially important when it comes time to sort your goods.

Sort Items Regularly

Now comes the time to sort your items! Feeling overwhelmed? Try taking a keep, donate and sell approach. Involve your kids in this process to get their insights on which toys, clothes, etc. they no longer fit or need. There are many great charities that accept gently used clothing, toys and household items. This may also be the perfect opportunity to host that garage sale you’ve been putting off!

Rotate Toys

Still too many items in the “keep” pile? Consider rotating toys as an option. Not only will this make your children view their existing toys in an exciting new light, it will also free up space. Try picking 3-5 toys and putting the rest away in a storage box. Rotating your children’s toys will also give you a good indication of which items they’ve outgrown and makes the decision to donate these items together easier. 

Set a Schedule

Decluttering can become overwhelming when it isn’t done on a regular basis. Consider doing a mini decluttering every couple of months to ensure you stay on top of things. Involve your kids by making it a fun day⁠—pizza party anyone? Through setting a regular decluttering schedule you also teach your children valuable habits that will benefit them in the future. 

Purchase Wisely

You don’t want all of your hard work to go to waste! Be extra mindful when shopping to avoid your spaces accidentally filling up. If you’re not sure about a purchase, wait and think about it. This approach is valuable for kids too. Especially when considering birthday and holiday wish lists. Encourage your children to think about what they actually need. You may be surprised at how inventive they are with what they already have. Setting up a birthday donation gift is another great way to be minimalistic and make a positive impact. 

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